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The High 5 Pc Science Universities within the UK

Did you know that over two-thirds of computer science graduates immediately begin working in professional capacities and make an average salary of over £25,000 in their first year of employment? The UK is home to some of the top computer science colleges in the world, all of which may help you land great graduation wages like this one.

Your ability to shape firms and organisations will be aided with a degree in computer science from a UK institution. Your knowledge and skills in fields like IT, game development, software engineering, design, and security will improve with the aid of new tools, software, and development kits.

Are you interested in applying to study computer science in the UK? The top five computer science universities in the UK are shown here (Guardian University Guide 2022). To begin your application process, set up a free consultation with SI-UK London now.
Best universities in the UK for computer science

  1. St. Andrews University, for starters

    The University of St. Andrews’ School of Computer Science is regarded as one of the best in the world, having a reputation for excellence in teaching and research as well as a dedicated and welcoming faculty. For its research in the following five crucial areas of computer science: foundational concepts, networks and distributed systems, human computer interaction, software engineering, and artificial intelligence, St. Andrews has earned a worldwide reputation.
  1. Cambridge University

    Cambridge, also known as “Silicon Fen,” is home to more than 1,000 advanced technology and specialised computing companies and commercial labs. All facets of contemporary computer science are studied at Cambridge University, along with the underlying theory and foundations in economics, law, and business.
  2. Computer science at the University of Oxford

    can be studied for three years (BA) or four years, and both programmes emphasise building bridges between theory and practise, ensuring that a wide range of software and hardware technologies and their applications are thoroughly covered. Six months after graduating, 95% of Oxford Computer Science graduates are employed or enrolled in additional coursework.
  1. Aberdeen University

International students can choose from a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees offered by the University of Aberdeen’s department of computer science. Modern, collaborative working laboratories with specialised computing and AV equipment to allow group work and access to a variety of integrated development environments are available.

5. Imperial College London, 5.

In national and international league tables, computing at Imperial College London routinely ranks highly, and the university maintains high levels of student satisfaction. 200 workstations are accessible for students to utilise at any given time in the department’s contemporary, large teaching labs. Over a third of the lab PCs are replaced annually by Imperial to keep the facilities up to date.
in the UK, study computer science
Set up a free consultation in London right away if you want to study computer science in the UK. Additional details are available on our specialised subject guide for computer science, which also covers other engineering specialties.

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